Human Action Plan

They have stolen Palestine from the Palestinians and done everything conceivable to them. They work through proxy countries, the ones that they own, like the US and the UK. They even have their own cities like the City of London and Vatican City. They own and operate the World's largest Corporations, like Vanguard and Blackrock, which are beyond scrutiny. They are just a handful of families but they have more wealth than the rest of the World put together. As you can therefore imagine, they are very powerful and they consider themselves to be beyond the law. They are the law. They are a Satanic Death Cult and a constant menace to all of Humanity.

Please hear me loud and clear. The aforementioned are tyrants and globalists who have placed themselves into positions of power (unelected), like the WEF and the WHO and the UN. Undeniably their agenda is depopulation and even though they've already killed millions of us, they're really ramping things up now and we all need to fight them. It really is us or them.

When you have tyrants of this magnitude, who will fight to the death for their convictions; it makes sense that they don't cower to peaceful protests or kangaroo courts. Even if the South Africans win in the Hague (which I doubt) the verdict will be ignored by them and they will plough on with their depopulation agenda.

These families (Rothchild, Windsor, Rockefeller, Morgan and a few more) plan to kill 7 out of every 8 of us. They want to stay in control, but for there to be significantly less of us. It's pure self-interest and greed and it stems from a superiority complex that they are possessed by.

We the common people are under attack and we need to stick together and fight back, as they are about to throw the kitchen sink at us! With this in mind, an International Organisation has now been set up to champion our cause and to provide members with useful information, like what you should be taking if you've been vaccinated. Let's all help each other through what is going to be the most challenging time this World has ever known ~ Gary Bate.

Freedom Train International